Everyone has a story to tell.

Hi there, it's Isha & Sakshi.

In a world of fast fashion, trends and big box brands - we started to feel lost. Craving authenticity and unique designs - we began scouting for homegrown brands, in the digital and real world.

What we found were the most incredible brands with design sensibilities and values that matched our own. On the way, we realised we weren't the only ones feeling lost, and decided to be a part of the solution.

With IN-D, we bring you India's most outspoken independent brands. Each of our brands, like you and me - has a story to tell. Their stories speak of design, place, histories, materials and change. With our brands we give you authenticity and transparency, to find yourself in a world where it is easy to be lost. 

With IN-D, you can discover unique products and choose what resonates with you.

Tell your story on your terms.

Join the IN-D community and break out from society's views on what you should look like.

Be yourself through your style, aesthetics, art and fashion.

Be You. Be IN-D.


IN-D was founded with one goal :

To create a safe space for self expression.

We are determined to keep IN-D's collection unique and accessible, and be a one-stop-shop for India's boldest independent brands.


Presenting Studio IN-D, a boutique agency by the makers of IN-D.CO. Contact us to know more by writing to us at info@in-d.co