Floral Cotton & Silk Scarf
Floral Cotton & Silk Scarf

Floral Cotton & Silk Scarf

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Made in Mumbai, India

Akane's handwoven cotton & silk scarf dyed and hand dyed using Marigold petals, onion skin, aster and specks of Indian Madder and Alkanet. The colour is derived naturally from the plant materials used, therefore making it perfect for everyday use. Why wear fabric dyed using harmful chemicals when you have an alternative? 

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Material: Hand-dyed 100% Handwoven Cotton & Silk

Care: Hand Wash in cold water. Do not bleach or scrub

Size: 82 x 40 inches

Note: This product has been hand dyed naturally using elements of nature like roots, flowers, leaves, seeds and minerals. Therefore, each product is unique due to the slight imperfections and irregularities which occur during the natural dyeing process.