Habitat Desert Cactus X 2
Habitat Desert Cactus X 2
Habitat Desert Cactus X 2

Habitat Desert Cactus X 2

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Made in Pune, India

"Humans are territorial beings and as far as our horizons reach, we try to name everything in the wake, in honor of ourselves. Yet, there is a broad, broad spectrum of ‘nature’, which is invincible. The funny part however is, how we long for a gasp of fresh air every now and then. Hence, surrendering our whole beings into feeling at ease in the lap of nature. Habitat is a series that brings forth the sights and elements that we look at in wonderment, as and when we find time! Simply put, this series is a mindful and gentle reminder to soak in and soak in good, what mother earth tries to offer us!"

Delivery: Ships within 2-4 days

Material: 100% Cotton with Hand Screen Printing

Care: Dry Clean

Size: 304.8 x 304.8 mm

Note: Owing to the nature of the craft, slight variations in colour may occur